Fake Mac & Cheese Digital Alchemy Concoction


View this Youtube video for the recipe. Totally awesome!!


Digital Alchemy to Me

Digital Alchemy to Me

By Anna Bella


I think it is truly amazing how the universe makes things happen in unison. Nothing is really a coincidence at all but instead just meant to be. I’ve recently started to have a more open mind than I have ever had before. I have started to explore and really dig deep (not too deep) into a variety of areas in the same category as alchemy that people don’t normally venture. People should remember to keep an open mind as long as they are comfortable within themselves.

That went a little off topic but back to earth…

Last class, the key chain exercise was so fun and unpredictable. I loved how such simple objects could be expanded to a story that could possibly go on forever and even take different directions than expected. It reminds me that storytelling isn’t ever that complicated  even though it may seem like it is in times of writer’s block. Stories can start with just one idea, one object, one person, one thought or one belief and take on a whole new form and possibly create a wonderful work of art. In my group, I realized that if we all didn’t have our own story to share we could have all just kept going on and on either relating to the storyteller or the storyteller explaining more about where there story stemmed from.

It was pretty much a very fun first class but I am a little concerned over the lack of a syllabus and clear grade requirements. It sort of scares me.😱😱 On the other hand, I like that our class will incorporate the professors actually learning along with the students. I love when teachers/professors remember that they can learn new things too and don’t always have all the answers. It just makes things more fun and kind of decreases the pressure on students.

I am really looking forward to really getting deeper into what our class has to offer next week. Last semester I took E-literature and it was really fun to explore what other people had done in the past and then formulate our own creative piece. I’m really looking forward to the “doing” and sharing part in our class. Can’t wait to make my contract either! LOL XD

Lastly, to answer the main question I had to look for a clearer definition of what alchemy is. I know that it is more than just simply turning lead into gold. According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, alchemy is “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.” So combining the two ideas of digital and alchemy, I will say that digital alchemy is utilizing digital interfaces to explore doing things and bringing ideas that can’t really be done or cannot be explained to life in the digital realm. Digital alchemy is also about using all that digital interfaces have to offer in order to shock others and ourselves. We digital alchemists want be able to get certain reactions, emotions and responses out of people.

Random Thought-Since I’m Jewish, I know that all our powers come from God. Maybe being digital alchemists, we are all digital (mini) gods in an interesting way completely unlimited once we enter the digital  world.

I know we were told there isn’t really a correct answer to this but I am really wondering now if I’m on the right track. lol  🙈