Weekly Reflection of Memes



images (2).jpgLast week of class was fantastic. I don’t think one can ever accurately predict the course of the class each week. They always have something fun and engaging for us students to do. It’s almost like we’re kids but this is too fun. The best part of the class was spending time creating memes from Rheingold’s video on lucid dreaming. I was a little unsure of how far would be too far. In the digital world, one should always be aware of other people’s feelings and consider the long term effects of your actions. Here are the memes I created while in class.  I used giphy.com and imgur.com. Here are just a few of what I created this week.


Here’s the best DDA I did this week imo.


Network Effect Experience


When we were told to experience this Network Effect I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not very enthusiastic about doing this again. I do wonder why I have to wait a whole nother 24 hours for the next experience. Anyway, I like the statistics and the diagrams but the 7 minute wait was annoying. A lot of the image flicks repeated. I’m not really sure what I was supposed to get out of this exercise but for me I think about a minute or 2 this exercise would be all I need to get the information that was gifted to me through this interface.

DDA57 Response

If I could be an animal for a day, I would be the white lion. I would be one of a rarer species and yet the strongest animal in the jungle. During this day, I wouldn’t eat any animals. I would just walk around like the king/lioness I am. This would be mad cool. 🙂white_lion_by_bobbyboggs182-d5pj5q9.jpg

DDA54 Response

With these two different shoes I can be two different people.

I can be an elegant ballet dancer whose feet gently bounce off/drag across the floor in plies, degages, releves and tendus.pointe.jpg

Or I can be a workman whose boots get dirty. When I enter a room full of people know of my presence. The hard work I do resounds for everyone to hear with every single step I take.download.jpg



Futurephobia by Anna Bella (fiction)

I don’t feel safe anymore. I’ve been violated and disgraced in the deepest parts of my soul. Maybe I should just stay locked up inside my house. After all, it’s the safest place to be now. In a moment your whole life can just be altered to the worst. No one ever wants to think that they would be raped but now I have been. My future is a dark place with hunter traps and sinkholes. No one can protect me. Alone in the shadows, they threw a net over me and pulled me into the dark abyss. I am forever lost.


This Week’s Studio Visit


Of course, when you watch these Youtube chats, there are so many ideas flowing around and I just can’t keep up with them. I did manage to jot down a few comments on paper.

Overall, it was a great discussion and Alex definitely brought up good questions regarding the structure of our course, etc. In response, Mammie brought up the fact that when she embarked on recently leaving her job there are no rules or help for her concretely. She will have to figure it out herself and her future is actually uncertain. She says that by having no structure right now we get practice for the real world in advance.

On Listening


What did you learn about audio space from the simple listening exercise?

I didn’t really learn anything out of the ordinary from the exercise because I am frequently quiet. It just made me want to be silent more often.

Try to find a short scene from a favorite movie in YouTube. Just listen to the sounds without looking at the screen. What do you hear that helps create the sense of the environment?

I chose my favorite scene from the Matrix where Neo saves Trinity. The sounds I processed myself were the wind blowing, glass shattering and bullets flying. Since I’ve watched this scene many times they really add to the sense of what’s taking place. I prefer to watch it with sound though.

Weekly Class Reflection


I feel like that old man walking in the rain. All the young folks have gotten way ahead of me. This isn’t literally true but I feel like I’m one of the last ones to do my blogs. This week I thought I’d get ahead and while things are fresh in my head I would get this out the way. Rather than worry about blogging about what happened last class all the way next Wednesday, I’ll do it now. Last night, was really enjoyable for me. We discussed the Tuesday fanfiction Studio Visit and it brought a lot of good points up.

I personally believe the best part of the class was when we were given the black out poetry assignment. I had never heard of it before and once we were finished I was totally in love. It is a step by step experience and you have a resource of words at your disposal. Instead of thinking about the best word to use, you find the best word/words to use. The craziest part is when I would use the permanent marker and mistakenly black out the word I need. I would become so focused on getting through all the lines of words I don’t need that I would get carried away. In the end it was an overall great experience and I had a lot of fun. So much fun that I actually did more black out poetry on my own accord at work today. I think I’ll make a masterpiece. 😀

Weekly Reflection

When I hear about stories having shape, I’m not sure what comes to mind. I actually associate this with topic. I think about the question of how stories are supposed to be formatted. We want to know if we should have a beginning, middle and end to have the best kind of story. I’m completely having fun doing the DDA’s as time continues to go on.

I recently saw that we will have to create bots soon and know if we want to use spreadsheets. Here’s when I begin to panic because I’m not sure how to work with this particular software. At least, I’m not sure how the process will be going.

As I said on Twitter, I had fun with the littlealchemy tool but was unsure how to get all of the different creations.

Can’t wait to see what we do together next week. Last week’s activity was fun but after a while I stopped guessing because it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere close with my guesses. It was better to watch others guessing than participate after a while.