Anna’s Weekly Reaction Blog



Ah, this week was a blast. I had lots of fun. The DDA’s were absolutely addictive. I had this drive to want to do every single one of them but I couldn’t do all because of time and certain things not available to me.  I submitted both of my required original DDA’s this week too. I couldn’t help thinking doing DDA’s and submitting them- Will people like this? Do I sound weird? Is this right? I don’t want to mess up and look foolish.

But I guess I’ll get over it. After all, I did do over 14 this week.

Last week’s class I was a little confused by the Yin Yang assignment and took a photo of someone else’s shoes. smh so embarrassing. When I finally got the hang of it I grabbed Laura and we did ours together. I liked it especially since I had on my signature purple tights. Some classmates superseded the rest through brilliant creativity.

Our Twitterchat was amazing and I was glad to have been able to share and exchange information with others through such a fun format. This week, I took a quick browse through the program and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Technology really is changing the world every second. Will I keep up? I wonder.

Richonda, Katherine and Hailey beat me to doing the webinar first but I’m still glad. They did a really good job and Katherine is definitely a natural for these kind of interactions over the web. I’m actually kind of worried now on how I will do but I still look forward to that experience.

I just finished my elements blog and that was truly fun and completely original. This is definitely the best class I’m taking right now. 😍😍😇💖💓💗 Can’t wait to taking the next step on this journey.



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