I’ve lived a thousand lies

I’ve lived a thousand lies

the-more-i-think-the-more-confused-i-get-quote-2.jpgBy Anna Bella

#dda36 prompt-An astronaut sneezes. In that time, he lives another life as a bookshop owner.

Subject 345569

What’s a fib? What’s a truth? I don’t know anything. Who knows anything? Socrates said it himself, “I know nothing.”

One time I visited a nearby galaxy and I saw an astronaut sneeze. He sneezed so hard that he floated away into the thick darkness never to be seen again. Suddenly, I saw him at the same time selling books in a shop. It must be that parallel lives stuff. Can you really live multiple lives at once? I don’t know but maybe I’ll find out soon enough. The most interesting thing is that I’m not sure if I was dreaming or awake. I can’t tell the difference anymore. All of time just seems to flow together endlessly. I don’t even worry about telling the difference anymore. I’m just existing. Maybe I’m just going nuts. It’s a crazy world I’m living in. Humans no longer have all their brain cells literally. We’ve started interbreeding with robots and satellites. Don’t be surprised if you visit our century (soon to be your century and you literally see a few screws loose. That reminds me I have to visit my mechanic, I need my batteries checked. Oh, yeah. Now we get supercharged by regularly installing batteries into our spinal cords to stay at our optimal best as much as possible. I think we are getting more dumber and our robots are getting smarter. I think their starting a revolution. I’m getting ready. Are you?


Subject 345569

To Be Continued….


3 thoughts on “I’ve lived a thousand lies

    • Yeah, it just came to me randomly and I kept up with it. Thanks for the encouragement to continue experimenting with this. I definitely was going a little realistic but hopefully that doesn’t really happen. 😱


  1. This was brilliant. You had me at the title. I really enjoyed it. Love the way you weaved through this other reality through a very witty stream of consciousness. This line “We’ve started interbreeding with robots and satellites.” really stood out to me.


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