In the Presence of the Interwebs

During the Google Hangouts, there were definitely a lot of things discussed that I really would love to get my hands more into so to speak. Just hearing about all the possibilities in digital literacy specifically netprov makes me extra excited. I completely hate that I can’t edit on Twitter. But this link is to how netprov was defined so to speak.

My experience in the hangout was pretty awesome. It was really interesting when there was multiple conversations going on during one particular person’s response time and I wondered if that was rude or a new norm and a new part of digital literacy/learning. It was especially funny when Mark’s son or himself was clearly not enjoying themselves during the “lecturey” part of the session. “His son” was looking forward to the actual netprov part of the session. I’ve got to say that I was looking forward to that as well. I had two wandering thoughts during the session but really hesitated on asking. I’m really sensitive to the idea of asking stupid questions and it being live would definitely not be a good look 😱 I look forward to more Studio Visits that my other classmates partake in.


4 thoughts on “In the Presence of the Interwebs

  1. Let me just say that I love your header image! Moving along, I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the studio visit, and I wanted to see what your response to it was to reflect on my first studio visit. I think we are in the same boat with having so many ideas and question pop into our heads and not getting the chance to ask them, but the more you are a part of this kind of connected and networked learning, the more you realize that it isn’t so scary after all! I had a hard time keeping up with so may voices floating around during my first webinar, but it was an amazing learning experience and opportunity, and I am hoping that you come into the same comfort and ease with it as I did.

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    • Thankxx, yeah I love it too. and yup lol I’m trying to get more used to this connected and networked learning stuff. Hopfully I get that comfort and ease soon lol. It seems to be taking a while.

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  2. There’s nothing wrong with doing more listening. The world is full of people who fill up too much space talking 😉 It is as much about being present with other people. And I am not sure how to convince people, but being there for the live conversation has some kind of edge of excitement that watching the archive lacks. Maybe it’s the uncertainty.

    There are many ways to participate that do not equate with being the talker, There is the bounce back in the hangout chat, the twitter channel, what you write later. Try asking what you think is a stupid question. I will bet a shoe (a ridiculous bet, but I have to bet something, how about this tasty bowl of guacamole I just made?) that you will discover it is not stupid, and more likely, others have the same question.

    This studio visit had a lot of moving parts, and maybe a little less room for questions then the previous one. That’s okay. Again, being present and listening is important.

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