Weekly Reflection

When I hear about stories having shape, I’m not sure what comes to mind. I actually associate this with topic. I think about the question of how stories are supposed to be formatted. We want to know if we should have a beginning, middle and end to have the best kind of story. I’m completely having fun doing the DDA’s as time continues to go on.

I recently saw that we will have to create bots soon and know if we want to use spreadsheets. Here’s when I begin to panic because I’m not sure how to work with this particular software. At least, I’m not sure how the process will be going.

As I said on Twitter, I had fun with the littlealchemy tool but was unsure how to get all of the different creations.

Can’t wait to see what we do together next week. Last week’s activity was fun but after a while I stopped guessing because it didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere close with my guesses. It was better to watch others guessing than participate after a while.



One thought on “Weekly Reflection

  1. I do not see shape of stories is not really about formatting, I might suggest re-watching the video.

    Like we do in life, a character experiences a series of events. But that is not a story, it’s what we learn and experience and change through these events. Sometimes it’s meeting a challenge or dealing with a disaster (a negative turn of events that the main character must overcome), or maybe it’s a very positive event at first that has unseen implications, that the character learns from.

    Whatever trajectory, the character, if they return from where they started, are not the same.

    Try this video:


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