Weekly Class Reflection


I feel like that old man walking in the rain. All the young folks have gotten way ahead of me. This isn’t literally true but I feel like I’m one of the last ones to do my blogs. This week I thought I’d get ahead and while things are fresh in my head I would get this out the way. Rather than worry about blogging about what happened last class all the way next Wednesday, I’ll do it now. Last night, was really enjoyable for me. We discussed the Tuesday fanfiction Studio Visit and it brought a lot of good points up.

I personally believe the best part of the class was when we were given the black out poetry assignment. I had never heard of it before and once we were finished I was totally in love. It is a step by step experience and you have a resource of words at your disposal. Instead of thinking about the best word to use, you find the best word/words to use. The craziest part is when I would use the permanent marker and mistakenly black out the word I need. I would become so focused on getting through all the lines of words I don’t need that I would get carried away. In the end it was an overall great experience and I had a lot of fun. So much fun that I actually did more black out poetry on my own accord at work today. I think I’ll make a masterpiece. 😀


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