Bus Stop-Weekly Reflection

download (6).jpg

Tonight’s class was definitely an interesting experience for me. It made me see firsthand how our ideas/opinions are based on what we hear from others, see on media and on television. As I was reflecting on the idea of improvements for bus tours I thought of seeing  the visuals of the surrounding environment, greenery, outside and animals, someone in class asked to see through their window (maybe our Professor). Once this happened it became a different experience for all of us and we shared our own environment through our windows.

There was something about seeing mazorca through the google hangout. Like they were there and we can ask them as many questions as we wanted to do. Through this you see how limited Google is in a way. We can see visuals of another place but only the people there can tell us what they experience firsthand and answer our questions for us.images (3).jpg

Not only did the window view change this experience but also the folder of different things in the area/house shared by them and people in our class.

This tour opened our discussion of our preconceived notions about other cultures and the politics of today. I look forward to the next one.




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