Futurephobia 2

Futurephobia 2 (fiction)


By Anna Bella

I fell down to the ground. A few shattered pieces of skull and bone. The blood oozed onto the sidewalk. Wisdom was there but couldn’t help me. Sometimes one needs to experience how people fall so you never fall again. Escaped with my life I did. An angel stuck out his hand to me and bid me die not in the street. He fused the skull and bone and put them back into place. He didn’t heal it completely. I know where the bruise is til this day. Look in the mirror or feel the slight soreness and I remember. I remember what was like to hit the pavement. Everyone says to watch your steps. But if you watch where you’re stepping you can also walk right into things. Can one watch his feet and look ahead too? What about behind? We need to see what’s coming from behind too. How cautious can we be? Who knows? A head full of eyes would most likely suffice.

I’m alive so why are you angry? Do you want me in dust? Scattered amongst the rest of the earth.  Forgotten matter trampled upon.


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