The Man on the Blue Moped-Rated R

The Man on The Blue Moped-Rated R

By Anna Bella



“I looked for someone to help me and I was surprised when I saw myself. I saw a man on a blue moped, and I saw freedom.”

The man in the photo you see is Reuben Cross. I met him a few days ago. Mr. Reuben is a man of an arrogant yet remarkable character. He has held a deep bitterness in his heart for what happened to his mother and father in the distant past. They were brutally murdered by the Santos mafia (aka the Santos brothers). In order for you to understand why, I would have to explain what he told me.

His mother and father were kidnapped after the couple tried to report the Santos brothers to the local police for the criminal activity they had witnessed. They suspected that the brothers were involved with illegal drugs and illegal distribution of firearms. Little did they know that this particular mafia was very close with the local police and the Cross couple’s actions ultimately backfired. They didn’t even know the Santos brothers were mafia. All they knew is they wanted to make sure that their community was safe for everyone in it. But maybe it’s safer to mind your own business. One night the Santos brothers sent a patrol car to the Cross’ house under the pretense that the police department had an important update on the case. Instead, the crooked cops handcuffed the couple and gave them over to the Santos brothers.

The brothers took the Cross couple to their huge factory with barbed wires and made them test subjects for the drugs that they were experimenting with. In other words, the Cross couple became drug addicts. They weren’t the only ones as the Santos brothers were also involved in a huge amount of human trafficking. The Cross couple was in this captivity I could say for 4 years. Mrs. Cross ended up pregnant and despite her condition little Reuben was born perfectly fine. Reuben was a complete miracle.

Even through their mental inhibitions, Mr. and Mrs. Cross knew that they had to get their child out of the environment they were in and get Reuben to freedom. They tried their best to keep Reuben hidden away from the immediate sight of the Santos brothers and their cohorts. The brothers were so busy messing around with the new women they captured every week to pay little Reuben any mind.

The couple waited until Reuben was 8 years old and planned an escape route for their young child to go on. They took an old raggedy white shirt and made huge holes from both of their skin using some old drug needles. They took the needles and soaked them in the holes to write a message that the person that found their son could read. They had no access to pen and paper. They also hoped that their son would be able to know who he was through blood testing at some point in their life.

The message that was written with their impaired minds:

“Dis Reuben Cross from Fred + Irene Cross Take care of our son pls. We r captive”

They prepped their son with sweet parting words. They decided they were going to throw him over the fence. Reuben’s parents told him to call out for someone to help him once he was over the fence. The factory was next to a relatively active highway. They took their two old pillows and bore a hole for their son’s head to fit through. They put it over his head and over his body and then squeezed their pillows into the remaining space on each side of him. One to protect his back and one to protect his stomach. They instructed their son to tuck his head in and embrace his knees securely. Mr. Cross made his wife climb up on his shoulders while holding his son and she threw their son over the fence. They weren’t sure if he would get picked up by the crooked cops of the town but they wanted to give their son a chance to have freedom and it was worth the shot.

The Santos brothers appeared suddenly coming after the Cross’ couple and as little Reuben fell over the fence he saw the worse sight in his short life in that moment. He saw his parents killed at point blank. A bullet barely got him as he struggled to run after he hit the ground. He shouted to his parents “Thank y-o-o-o-o-u-u-u, I lov-v-ve you guys.” As he vocalized the words it’s almost like his mournful voice was in slow motion. He ran and ran and as he took one last look he saw his mother and father killed, and held back tears. He ran and he ran.

I asked Mr. Reuben who took him in after he escaped the factory. He told me “I looked for someone to help me and I was surprised when I saw myself. I saw a man on a blue moped, and I saw freedom.”





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