Thinking on The Boundaries of Written Language in a Digital Environment

Thinking on The Boundaries of Written Language in a Digital Environment

By Anna Bella

The other day I found myself in a conversation with an online friend about some internet drama. After a while, I had so much emotions and passions behind what I wanted to say that I felt like I had become mute. I wanted to actually SsAyy the words that I was typing. The typing felt like a burden. Then in my rush to type what I had to say, the other person kept failing to understand what I was saying. Since they weren’t keeping up with me, I got upset that I had to remember what I had said prior.  Even though I was still getting out my words, it made me angry that I literally wanted to speak in this digital environment. I had to be silent because it was just a written conversation and I really hate this limitation.

I prefer to talk to someone through voice except when I want to be silent. What’s the point of having a conversation with someone else when you can’t actually have a regular complete dialogue.

Auto correct always seems to be the one that needs correcting and Twitter has a constricting character limit. Because I have so many thoughts flowing through my head, I feel almost like I’m being restricted so to speak.

Even when I have texted during undergrad years, it was common that my associates and classmates at school would not be able to keep up with the amount of things I had to say. There’s some things people don’t get to clarify and explain in the moment in the digital communication world. This whole other world of rules in the texting and other digital communication age has pros and many cons too. When you’re on the phone with someone it’s a more interactive exchange of conversation and this is a whole lot better than simple digital communication. Sometimes they do not get to say everything they want to say and you don’t get to say everything either but it’s a more interactive dialogue. I think that in-person communication is still the best communication to have. The best thing about written language in a digital environment is that I have an actual record of what I have said but can the digital age fully keep up with me?


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