A Lovely Game of Cards


A Lovely Game of Cards

By Anna Bella

(Expanded on from http://daily.arganee.world/dda84/ )

I found deck of cards

no light but warm.

Bored so followed the sound

of a lady’s laughter.

She bid me take rest

and join her for a game.

I was sure I would win

but she wouldn’t give in.

Hours and hours she played her witchery

No she couldn’t make it easy.

Haunted by hours past

with green blood

the fire consumed itself

and disappeared.

My eyes were

majestically wounded

but my brain

a thousand head strong.

Memory could not fail me

cause I was a dolly.

The crystal knight

shone on the moonlight’s throne

of forgotten castles and rotten bones.

The cards burned my hands

and they almost fell off.

The wicked witch had plotted and schemed

now I knew why she was laughing.

In order to win

she would do anything.

No fair game, no fair playing

but the gods knew she was unworthy.

She threw down her 7 of spades

Only one hand left I had to play

the other one dangling.

The ghosts said

life was a game

and it was never fair

but I beg to differ.

Little did she know

the crystal knight was on my side.

One, two with the stroke of my brooch,

I called him to me

and he answered my call.

Crystal magick he could do,

Crystal magick he beat you.

What did he do?

I can’t tell you!

But I played a lovely game of cards.



2 thoughts on “A Lovely Game of Cards

    • Lol!!!! XD I’m sooooo glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun making it. At first i didn’t know where to go and things started to come to my mind with ease. 🙂


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