The End of Netnarr is Nigh

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It only seems like our fun had only just begun yesterday. This is some kind of hoax. Just an alchemistic (made this word up) trick to deceive us.

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Ahh, to say goodbye to all these alchemist friends I’ve made will be such a hard thing to do. Of course this is a hoax because digital alchemy/network narratives could never die. Even if technology were to come to an end tomorrow. It’s just apart of the human culture. Collaboration has been in existence since the beginning of mankind. Adam and eve, the people who built the Tower of Babel together.

I do wonder if I’ll ever become a true digital alchemist. Rebeg and M Prophetissma were really good at editing and glitching Youtube videos and coding messages. I’m not good at any of this stuff.

However I’ll keep trying to improve my alchemistic skills and I’ll only get better and better in time.



2 thoughts on “The End of Netnarr is Nigh

  1. Early alert, we never use the “o” word. It’s only o___ if you let go. The class ends but not the network nor the connections nor the experience.

    Here is the secret for getting good at something. You keep trying, it’s a long haul not a button click. Rebeg and M did not emerge from some cosmic womb with those creative skills, they chipped away, tried little things in their laboratories, sought advice and mentorship from others.

    Here is a story. I say “I am not good at ice skating” but really it’s because I have only done it a handful of times in my life. I could just live my life saying “I am bad at ice skating, I can never do it”.

    A few years ago and friend in Canada invited me to go… ice skating. Another of her friends brought her 9 year old daughter who was one of those little kids that looked like she was born with skates on. She did it so naturally while I was shaky just to keep from falling down. This little girl was determined to teach me to skate. She skated backwards in front of me, giving suggestions. Then she said, “This is how you get better. ‘Baby steps, baby steps’ Now, just put the right foot out and …”

    Stay tuned for some baby step suggestions.

    PS You are an alchemist already.

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