Letter in Response to Dianna Levi

Letter from Dianna

Dear Missy Diana Levi,

I’m glad you had a great time being in our Arganee World. I enjoyed my short interactions with you and we seemed to have a lot in common. You brought up good points about me being “hidden.” I just want to remain anonymous in a way with the online pictures. I want to be seen but not seen at the same time if you know what I mean.

And yes I absolutely love the DDA’s. They have been very fun little challenges that I enjoyed being a part of.  I hope you do get to try new things more often too. There’s always so much to gain.

My favorite work of the semester was The Man on The Blue Moped. I put so much work into this and I really loved it a lot. The amount of fun I had in this class surprised me so much. It was like can this really be grad school.

Can’t believe meme making was in February and blackout poetry was something I’m glad I know how to do now. 😀

My biggest weakness was managing to comment on a variety of other people’s posts. I felt like finishing the checklist was my priority at the beginning of the semester. This probably was the result on the focus on getting my grade so commenting fell on the back burner so to speak. But I was able to comment on some people’s blogs at least.

I would tell other future alchemists to relax and have fun. When working with outside participants, it just made the experience a whole lot broader than a small group. My favorite interaction was the studio visit I was in.


In general, I just keep learning more and more that there are many positives that can come off of online interaction. Online interaction really is beneficial to education rather than completely detrimental.

Thanks for the mini poem too Dianna. We’ll talk more soon.


Anna Bella


2 thoughts on “Letter in Response to Dianna Levi

  1. Missy Diana sounds like a good person to keep around for advice and ideas. We were intrigued to see you play a bit more with the exploration of self in your online presence. Please say hello to Anna Bella for us.

    And oh did we enjoy seeing your motivation on the DDAs; you showed no fear to try almost everything, and even if it was the motivation to be number 1 on the board, we can see that you tried many new forms of expression.

    I would not criticize much on the commenting; it was not a thing we wanted to consider as a number count, and all us ebb and flow with the blog commenting. It is important, and I like to think people start to feel the urge to give when they receive.

    Thanks so much again for the readings in the last class, they were very moving to me, and I hope to see more alchemy happening in your studies. Thanks for adding so much to the class.

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    • Thankkx a bunch for giving me a lot of feedback on what I have written and being very supportive. I really appreciate it. 😀 ❤ and thanks for all the wonderful things you've said during the course of the semester. 🙂


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